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1. Do you design the mandalas yourself?

Yes! I have designed all mandalas myself and they are therefore my intellectual property.


2. How do you design the mandalas?

The mandalas are developed in various ways. On my computer I design and edit the mandalas with the CorelDraw software. Sometimes I also use PhotoImpact. However, many mandalas have been devised on paper. The sketches are then scanned in and turned into vector graphics. This way I can continue to work on them on the computer and generate the PDF templates for the website.


3. What kind of paper do you use for printouts?

Most of the time I use standard copying paper (80g/m²), which is on the thin side. This is ideal for colouring pencils and wax crayons, or for fine felt tip pens. I prefer the fine pens from STABILO.
For special mandalas or working with wet colours I use drawing cardboard or sketch pads with a weight of 200g/m². This paper is more than twice as thick as the ordinary copying paper, which helps prevent undulations and ripples. As a rule of thumb: The thicker the paper, the wetter can be the paint. However, I love painting with acrylic paint and for this I buy canvas. These days you can already get nice square shaped frames for under 5,- Euros, and quite often you can even buy them at the supermarket. If I find the time to do so I will write down instructions for using my templates on canvas. That might still take some time, but then again winter is approaching… ;-)


4. Am I allowed to publish the mandalas I’ve coloured in on the internet?

If you abide by the following rules, then yes: First, you must inform me via email that you intend to publish a finished mandala on the internet. Please let me know where and with what purpose in mind you would like to publish the images. You must clearly state for the viewers that the templates were designed by “Oliver Tölge” and obtained via "mandala-4free.de". The reference to my person and to the website must be retained in the new document at all times. On no account must the upload give the impression that you yourself designed the mandalas. If all the above are guaranteed, I will come back to you with a written “OK”. Publishing for commercial purposes or on commercial websites is not allowed on principle. Please note the terms of use and respect the copyright..


5. Why are you offering your mandalas for free?

I’ve been using the internet ever since 1996 and during that time have been able to benefit from many things that were offered to me free of charge. This mandala website is my contribution to the internet community, returning the favour. Without adverts, and no frills…